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Tax return preparation

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd can quickly and efficiently produce the tax return for you and your business.


 Fixed fee basis, rather than hourly rate.

 No hidden surprises

 Secure on-line submission

 How much tax to pay, and when.

Completing your tax return, whether it is your personal tax return or the tax return for your business or company, can be difficult and bewildering. The worry is whether you have completed it correctly, or whether you have made an error that will incur the wrath of the taxman.

Let PJS Tax Consultants Ltd help put your mind at rest. Whether you need to complete a personal tax return, a partnership return, or even a corporate return, we can help you meet your compliance obligations with the minimum of effort. As part of our service, we calculate the tax that may be due, advise you when to pay it, and predict the tax you may have to pay over the next twelve months.

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd can submit your tax returns on-line, so as to minimize the risk of your personal details falling into the wrong hands, and arrange for tax repayments to be made directly into your nominated account with the minimum of delay.

How much tax to pay, and when.

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