PJS Tax Consultants Ltd

Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants

Business tax planning

Maximize the profits from your business and minimize the amount to have to pay to the taxman.


 Reduce the tax your business pays each year.

 Buying or selling a business?

 Acquiring fixed assets?

 Tax-efficient remuneration

Why go into business, only to have to pay large amounts of your profits to the taxman?

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd can provide specialist tax advice on a number of key areas of your business, such as:


 How to extract profits from the business in a tax-efficient manner.

 Tax relief on plant and machinery used in your business.

 Business start-ups

 Acquisitions, mergers, and sales of existing businesses.

 Passing your business to a family member


Do not leave it too late, as tax planning is most efficient when it is undertaken well in advance.

Increase your profits and value of your business

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