PJS Tax Consultants Ltd

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Capital gains tax planning

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd can advise you how to minimize the tax payable on assets that you sell.


· Most assets are liable to CGT on sale!

· Minimize the tax payable.

· Plan for the future

Many people do not realize that capital gains tax is payable on the sale  or disposal of most assets, whether or not they are business assets. Do not assume that your main home is free from tax when you sell it; you may be in for a surprise!

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd can reduce your exposure to capital gains tax by helping you to plan the sale of your asset, whether it is the sale of your business, your home, your financial investments, a rental property, or a valuable asset, such as an antique.

Want to gift an asset to a family member, or transfer your business to your children? PJS Tax Consultants Ltd can help you minimize the tax that may be due.

Do you have any valuable assets that may be taxed?

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