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Inheritance tax planning

Why leave part of your estate to the taxman, when it would be better going to your dependents.


· How to gift assets tax-efficiently

· Minimize your tax on death.

· Will planning

· Using trusts efficiently

Most people avoid thinking about inheritance tax planning, because it makes them consider their own mortality. However, this can create considerable problems for your loved ones if you die suddenly, as a considerable amount of inheritance tax may be payable on your death.


PJS Tax Consultants Ltd  can help you in the following ways:


· Calculating your potential liability to inheritance tax should you die today.

· How to minimize your liability and pass more of your estate to your dependents

· Review your Will and suggest ways of making it more tax-efficient

· Using trusts to protect your children.


Why wait and leave it all to chance? Let us help reduce your potential inheritance tax liability.

Maximize the estate you leave to your dependents

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