PJS Tax Consultants Ltd

Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd  can provide technical support to other professional advisers, such as accountants, solicitors, and independent financial advisers.

Support services

Over the course of their business, many professionals are asked questions concerning the tax aspects of a particular transaction. A solicitor may be asked about capital gains tax on the sale of a second property, or a financial adviser may be asked about the income tax treatment of a particular investment.

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd  can help you by providing a tax support service to enable you to deal with such queries.

PJS Tax Consultants Ltd can provide the advice in many ways. If you want us to deal direct with your client, we will be happy to do so, and your client will, no doubt, appreciate direct contact with a professional tax adviser, especially if the conversation expands into other areas. However, we are also happy to supply the advice direct to you, so that you can pass on the information to your client and maintain the professional contact you already have with  them.

If you require general advice on a particular area, PJS Tax Consultants Ltd are also able to give presentations to your staff, with detailed notes for later reference, and worked examples.

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